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Bug#2966: bugs2ftp is broken

Package: (debian-bugs)
Version: dunno

Ian J. one of you scripts is seriously broken.

The file 2337.txt.gz doesn't contain the bug text, but only a small

| Debian bug report logs - #2337
| Debian bug report logs -  #2337
| klogd sometimes re-logs old messagesPackage: syslogd; Reported by: cph@martigny.ai.mit.edu (Chris Hanson); dated  Fri, 16 Feb 1996 07:33:01 GMT;
| Maintainer for syslogd is
| Martin Schulze <joey@linux.de> <URL:m-Martin-20Schulze-20-3cjoey-40linux-2ede-3e.html>.

The same for many other bugs.

(the <bugnumber>-b.txt.gz file is okay)



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