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Bug#2945: Bus Error given by rootdisk

Package: (rootdisk)
Version: May 2

I am using a 4Mb based 486DX33 system to install debian linux 1.1.  When I
initially tried using the boot and root disks via ramdisk the dinstall
program was **VERY** slow and failed on initalise swap partition.  I then
rebooted single user with ramdisk and continued.  This time a
Bus Error message was given and the install failed when I tried the same
procedure.  I finally resorted to using the ram disk to copy the images
of the base disks, booting single user with root as floppy disk drive and
using the shell directly to install which isn't ideal.  I guess I was
suffering from a memory shortage since I didn't have a swap parition at this
point.  But I don't consider this mode of failing particularly helpful!

Alan Bain

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