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Bug#2904: install-info doesn't cope with nonexistent /usr/info/dir file

In message <m0uGSGn-0002XuC@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>, Ian Jackson writes:
>The file has information in it that isn't in any of the info files, so
>you can't really recreate it.  Also, if the file disappears it's a
>problem that ought to be noted.  It ought to be fixed by reinstalling
>the base package, probably.

Well, while we probably couldn't recreate it _exactly_, we could
certainly scan through /usr/info, look at the various files and try to
deduce from their names (say, anything that isn't -digit[digit].gz) which
should be re-inserted---they won't be in the correct sections, but they
would at least be listed, and presumably would get recreated correctly
when a new version of a given package is installed, right?

Even if we don't do that, /usr/info/dir doesn't seem to be in
base---although, as you can guess from that report, I seem to have wiped
mine out, and so I might have succeeded in removing dpkg's listing of it
on my system.

>Yes, the error message is probably suboptimal.  install-info needs its
>locking strategy changing.


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