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Bug#2915: kbd doesn't install rc?.d links

Dominik Kubla writes ("Bug#2915: kbd doesn't install rc?.d links"):
> >>>>> Martin Schulze writes:
> > Package: kbd Version: 0.90-5
> > This package doesn't install any link in /etc/rc?.d, but provides
> > /etc/init.d/console.
> WRONG! /etc/init.d/console is called from /etc/rc.boot/ 0.90-5 had a
> bug in not providing that link but this is fixed in 0.90-6.  So i
> declare that bug as done.  That is now the sixth time that particular
> bug has been reported, so please folks check the bugs-list to see if
> a bug has already been reported!  Also i would like to recommend that
> all maintainer include a list of known-bugs into the doc directory of
> their packages.

None of the other things in /etc/rc.boot are symlinks to /etc/init.d,
and there isn't any reason for them to be that I can see.

Can we keep it as a plain file, please ?


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