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Re: new 'older' files on ftp.debian.org?

You (Christian Hudon) wrote:
> > At 12:57 PM 5/6/96 -0400, you wrote:
> > >Just as a side note I just noticed that I received about 200megs from 
> > >master in last few days..
> > 
> > Oh dear.  More saturation for the mirrors...  Mirror sites might want to add
> > get_newer=false from now on if this is going to happen often (including you
> > perhaps, Matt...).
> Errm.  "get_newer=false" is fine for .deb files since they are all
> version-numbered. But what about the rest of the stuff on the Debian
> archive? The README's, the doc/ documentation, etc. Or do I not understand
> what "get_newer" means?

As was pointed out before, mirror also looks at the size of the file.
However the size of the bootfloppies doesn't change - would someone
*please* put a version number in the boot, root and base floppies.

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