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Re: dchanges problems/inconsistencies

Michael Alan Dorman writes ("Re: dchanges problems/inconsistencies "):
> In message <m0uGQjM-0002XuC@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>, Ian Jackson writes:
> >This is related to the syntax for the `Files' field, which is IMO
> >rather inflexible and inextensible.
> I would only ask that, in the interest of making automating the upload
> process relatively painless, please, either:
> 1) Make this _dead easy_ to parse (as the current version is), or
> 2) When you specify it, create a plug-in routine for perl (if nothing
> else) that'll return an array of hashes or whatever with the important
> information in it.

I'm not responsible for the dchanges format.  I'm only pointing out
some things I think could do with improvement.

The format ought to be decided on by whoever writes the automated
upload processing scheme.  If you're volunteering to do that then
that's you :-).


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