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Bug#2894: dpkg guidelines info files not recognized

On Mon, 6 May 1996, Bill Mitchell wrote:

> Am I correct in thinking that all debian users who have installed
> from this debian 1.1 install floppy set now have problems in their
> /usr/info/dir files?

Yes.  Boot floppies with either dpkg-1.1.6 or base-1.1.0-7 (possibly
earlier) have the fix.  I don't know of an easy way to check the
versions of packages on the base diskettes short of making them.  A
list of the contents of the boot floppies should be added to the
FLOPPIES.readme file.

> If so, is this being addressed?

I posted a script in debian-user which fixes the info file.  The
problem is not as simple as moving the '* Menu ...' line up,
unfortunately.  All the sections in the info file were of size one, as
install-info thought the file was empty each time.

The script is in the March archive, with subject 'Re: problem with
info'.  Several people have used it succesfully.


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