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Bug#2921: netstat -N : "read /dev/route: Bad file number"

Package: netbase
Version: 2.02-1

# netstat -N
read /dev/route: Bad file number

there is no /dev/route on my system, and the man page for netstat doesn't
mention /dev/route either.

BTW, the man page for netstat is out of date.

# netstat -V
Debian GNU/Linux netbase Package (Peter Tobias)
Source: net-tools 1.3.50-BETA6f net-tools@lina.inka.de (Bernd Eckenfels)
Kernelsource: 1.3.88
netstat 1.13 (1996-02-15)
Fred Baumgarten <dc6iq@insu1.etec.uni-karlsruhe.de> and Alan Cox.

# netstat -h
usage: netstat [-veenc] [<Af>] -r            netstat {-V|--version|-h|--help}
       netstat [-vncao] [<Socket>]
       netstat [-veenac] -i
       netstat [-vnc] -N

        -r, --routing            display routing table
        -N, --netlink            display netlink kernel messages
        -i, --interfaces         display interface table

        -v, --verbose            be verbose
        -n, --numeric            dont resolve names
        -e, --extend             display other/more informations
        -c, --continous          continous lising

        -a, --all, --listening   display all
        -o, --timers             display timers

        <Socket>={-t|--tcp} {-u|--udp} {-w|--raw} {-x|--unix} --ax25 --ipx
        <Af>= -A {inet|ipx|netrom|ddp},... --inet --ipx --netrom --ddp

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