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Bug#2907: imurdock@lib.purdue.edu: Re: [imurdock@lib.purdue.edu: Re: Guile plans]]

You (Richard Stallman) wrote:
> Here is what I got from dpkg.  I cannot tell whether this is an old
> version.
> psilocin: /etc/news # dpkg -s inewsinn
> Package: inewsinn
> Status: install ok installed
> Priority: optional
> Section: news
> Maintainer: Ian Jackson <iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk>
> Version: 1.4sec
> Revision: 7
> Recommends: trn
> Conflicts: inn

This is indeed the older version based on inn 1.4sec. The bug you describe
has been fixed in inewsinn-1.4unoff4-1, to be found in the
unstable/binary-i386/news directory. Purge rather than delete the old
inewsinn first (dpkg --purge inewsinn) and install the new version.

Thanks - Mike.
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