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Re: psutils-1.16-1.deb and broken files.

On Sun, 5 May 1996, David Engel wrote:

> I can't check right now, but it's probably stuck in the Incoming
> directory which hasn't been processed in over a week.

And Incoming hasn't been processed since April 21, which is over 2
weeks.  Carl, are you alive?  And don't quote Twain at us again.  I
would like to help you write a script which would install packages from
Incoming.  I've outlined the steps necessary below, but have probably
forgotten something.

Run it like this:
dinstall foo.changes

Then it does this:
  check the md5sums
  figure out the section
  make sure priority/section are provided or have overrides
  confirm the package is being upgraded (ie - higher version number)
  more things to check???
assuming above worked
  move the source and diff file in
  move the binary deb (renaming the file).
  post a pretty version of changes file to debian-devel (or wherever)
  send email to the developer telling him the package was installed
  remove the changes files
if some check fails
  move the appropriate files into a REJECT dir.
  send email to the developer explaining the rejection.

Probably there are more checks I need to do, but what are they?  All
this will require changes files to conform to dchanges(5).


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