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Re: mandb and col

In article <Pine.LNX.3.91.960505234232.8255B-100000@niki.et.tudelft.nl> you write:
>On Sun, 5 May 1996, Martin Schulze wrote:
>> Hallo Maarten!
>> }mandb fails for me cos it can't find /usr/bin/col. Therefore I can't make 
>> }the index-dbase.
>> }
>> }But, I can't find col anywhere myself too. Where is it? In which package? 
>> }And why doesn't man depend on this? I just installed man-2.3.10-11, along 
>> }with *a lot* of other packages.
>> It's in the bsdutils. Perhaps man should depend on these.
>Nope, it's in bsdmainutils or something like that as I found out after 
>searching throught my whole archive of .deb-files (had to write a little 
>script to get this done, can't dpkg-deb be changed so that '-c' can take 
>multiple deb-files?).

Yes, col is in bsdmainutils.

Before splitting bsdutils into two, I checked whether man(1) used col, but
it didn't.  I didn't think to check if mandb(8) used it.

Might it be worthwhile to move col from bdsmainutils into bsdutils?


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