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Bug#2894: dpkg guidelines info files not recognized

Package: dpkg
Version: 1.1.5elf

Perhaps this should be a bug report against info-3.7-1 instead.
If so, please reassign it.

After a fairly clean debian 1.1 install, I find that the dpkg
Guidleines info files seem to be not working.  I have the files
guidelines.info.gz, guidelines.info-1.gz, guidelines.info-2.gz
in /usr/info, and an entry for "* Guidelines (guidelines)" in
/usr/info/dir.  "info guidelines" produces an info screen which

    File:  *manpages*, Node: guidelines, Up: (dir)

    no manual entry for guidelines

"info guidelines.info" produces similar results.

Selecting the Guidelines entry from the info menu screen produces
the message: "The reference disappeared! (Guidelines)"

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