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Bug#2884: tkman doesn't use /var/catman

Package: tkman
Version: 1.7.5-1

tkman doesn't use /var/catman, and hence doesn't conform to Debian's
file system standard.

this results in 2 main problems:

1. It reformats each man page every time you view it, instead of using
the cached version under /var/catman/

2. If you enable saving of compressed man pages in Preferences, it tries
to save it to /usr/man/cat?/....  this, of course, gets a "permission
denied" message.

location of catman pages doesn't seem to be a configurable option, so I
guess they're hard-coded in to the binary.

tkman is still usable (in fact, it's great!) but it makes browsing
significantly less immediate.

It should be more tightly integrated with man and mandb.

BTW, here's a script to automatically generate old style whatis files for
ALL directories in the manpath.  TkMan uses whatis files rather than the
mandb style files.

---cut here---makeallwhatis---cut here---

# makeallwhatis
# 1996-05-03 Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au>
# this script is militantly public domain.
# arguments:
#  -c    Create mandb indexes _before_ creating whatis files,
#        passing all command line arguments "as is" to mandb

if [ "$1" = "-c" ] ; then
	mandb $@

for i in `manpath | sed -e 's/:/ /g'`; do
	whatis -M $i -w "*" | sort >$i/whatis ;
---cut here---makeallwhatis---cut here---

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