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Bug#2887: installkernel(8) man page too short, bad title

Package: debian-utils
Version: 1.1-2

The manual page of installkernel(8) begins like this:

	.TH MODULES 5 "Version 0.93" "Debian GNU/Linux"
	installkernel - install a new kernel image

Surely the first line should be

	.TH INSTALLKERNEL 8 "Version 1.1" "Debian Linux"

(the last two fields are not important, but the wrong title is annoying).

Also, the description in the manual page doesn't explain where the
kernels will be placed, and what they will be called, and what one's
/etc/lilo.conf should look like to always make use of the newest one.

The manual page should include a FILES section that lists the relevant

I'll send in a new page if I get time to examine the shell scripts.
Don't count on it, though.

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