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Date: 1 May 96 22:30 UT
Package: apsfilter
Maintainer: Doug Geiger <runexe@ntplx.net>
Version: 4.9.1-3
Architecture: all
Conflicts: magicfilter
Depends: lpr
Recommends: gs, dvips, gzip, xfig
Description: A lineprinter input filter for systems with lpd/lpr
 A script based printer filter for systems with a BSD-type printer spooler

       * Fixed Description in debian.control
       * Added postrm script
       * Fixed another bug in debian.rules

d024d26a9cfa420aa325045e2ea833fa  3198 text apsfilter-4.9.1-3.diff.gz
26f8dfdbc22109e73290bd76fc50530e  130753 text apsfilter-4.9.1-3.i386.deb
9c6c1dcea9fa8a7887c5abddc5b5b9d9  232546 text apsfilter-4.9.1-3.tar.gz

-- Run.exe
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