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Bug#2831: timezone conffiles vs. postinst

Hi Kai,

Kai> Nobody tells them. Times usually do not carry a time zone specifier.
Kai> <sarcasm>
Kai> As to the name, surely you meant MEZ, and MESZ for daylight saving?

No. I deliberately wrote MET, since I *hate* german abbreviations in the
computer industry (see below). They are almost always idiotic, and nobody
uses them anyway.
(Sorry if you have another opinion).

Kai> Or was that CET?
Kai> Or ...
Kai> </sarcasm>
Kai> I never heard of MET until I got seriously involved with email. Then it
Kai> was one of the time zones buggy mailers inserted in the headers. (Please,
Kai> people, use +0100/+0200 instead!)
Kai> My atlas has a time zone map. It doesn't have a short name for any of
Kai> them, except MEZ. The 25 volume encyclopedia is similar, except it
Kai> mentions German versions for UT (WZ) and GMT (MWZ? WMZ? Heck, I've
Kai> forgotten again already, only a minute later) that I've never seen anybody
Kai> use.

That's exactly what I meant about german abbreviations.

Kai> People are just not interested in time zone names. Most people will never
Kai> have a use for them in all their life.


Kai> MfG Kai


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