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Re: screen-3.7.1-3 uploaded

In message <Pine.SOL.3.91.960430182132.6584C-100000@brando.ece.utexas.edu>, Guy Maor writes:
>and remove it from ncurses-term.  That's simpler.  But the above way
>has the advantage that the user could add definitions for screen on
>other systems, non-Debian or non-Linux systems that he logs into using

Compiled terminfo files are architecture independent on any conforming
implementation.  Compiling the terminfo entries from source in the
postinst is thus no aid to portability.

I see three options:

1) Send me the .src file, I include the defs in ncurses-base.

On second thought, I don't know that this stuff should go in base.  It
might not be a big deal, though---how many defs are we talking about

2) Send me the .src file, I include the defs in ncurses-term.

I would have no problem in doing this, but wouldn't wish ncurses-term
on anyone who doesn't really need it.

3) Install the files with the screen package, and make it REPLACES:

Have I missed anything (other than coming up with a screen-terminfo
packages, which I think is taking package granularity a little far)?

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