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Re: sendmail, deliver and procmail

You (Rob Leslie) wrote:
> > Now that sendmail is already so much easier to configure, some
> > questions/suggestions:
> > 
> > Does sendmail have to depend on deliver? Sendmail comes with its own
> > mail.local to deliver to a local mailbox. Wouldn't it be sufficient to
> > use this as a default local mailer?
> Sendmail can't use its own mail.local because:
>   (1) The standard version does not easily port to Linux, and
>   (2) The Linux version does not do the proper Debian-style mailbox locking.

Eh? I've been using my own sendmail-8.7.3 package for quite some time now.
I know I should update it to 8.7.5 but I hope Robs version will become
good enough for me to drop my own sendmail.

Anyway, I use the sendmail mail.local. It wasn't very hard to port it,
*and* it _does_ use <mailbox>.lock dotlocking.. by default.

Unless I'm really missing something here (which is quite possible - but
please point it out to me then), just get
and copy the mail.local part to the debian sendmail-8.7.5 and you're
done. (Assuming mail.local hasn't changed between 8.7.3 and 8.7.5).

Now that I have your attention ;) is there any chance of moving
all sendmail files (sendmail.cf, userdb, mailertable etc.) to /etc/mail
instead of them cluttering up /etc? I want to put a Makefile there to
create the .db files! Now that I think of it, that Makefile can also be
used to make the sendmail.cf file from the sendmail.m4 file, and so on.

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