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Re: non-intel uploads (was: doc-linux-96.04-0 uploaded to master)

Juergen Menden writes:
> very nice! a question for the distribution maintainers:
> will this package automagically be moved to the binary-*
> hierarchies (at least binary-m68k)?

Not at the moment.

> and related: how is the upload directive for the 
> non-intel archs now? can we use the same upload area
> now as the intel people (provided we build name-version.m68k.deb 
> files)?

I would appreciate it if you didn't until there is infrastructure to 
do things automatically.  

> and as dchanges-3.0 was the first package i've seen with an
> arch-field in the .deb file: is it moved to all binary-* 
> hierarchies? (i couldn't find it on binary-m68k yet)

No.  There's some serious work which needs to be done on the archive 
maintenance.  Both in terms of automating it, and re-laying out the directories
to be friendlier.  If someone could find a university willing to sell me
an Electrical Engineering degree, I could probably come up with some more time 
for this ;)

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