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Bug#2582: last is obsolete

Guy Maor writes ("Bug#2582: last is obsolete"):
> How can the last copyright be removed?
> Will dpkg realize that the other files are directories and proceed to
> purge last?

Use `Conflicts: last' and `Replaces: last' and dpkg will remove the
file and directories itself.


> Pacakge: last
> Version: 5-13
> The last package is obsoleted by sysvinit 2.59-1.  It should be removed
> >from  the unstable directory.
> Perhaps an obsolete directory should be created under /debian/unstable
> and it could be placed there?
> A final problem:
> After installing sysvinit, the last package contains:
> femto[~]$ dpkg -L last
> /.
> /usr
> /usr/bin
> /usr/man
> /usr/man/man1
> /usr/doc
> /usr/doc/copyright
> /usr/doc/copyright/last

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