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Re: dchanges-3.0-0: are we not to use this?

I tried to run the new dchanges on the new seesat package. The directory 
looks like:


When I enter: dchanges -w seesat5-0.90-1.*

I get:

ERROR: Filename dosnt have correct prefix: seesat5-0.90-1.deb
expected --?????
ERROR: Filename dosnt have correct prefix: seesat5-0.90-1.tar.gz
expected --?????
WARNING: no SECTION fields found, using misc
vi: illegal option -- -
usage: vi [-eFRrv] [-c command] [-t tag] [-w size] [files ...]
Source field not present
ERROR: 1 syntax problems in --.changes
ERROR: pgp(1) not found

A.	I thought we decided not to impliment the "new" naming convention.

2.	Maintainers don't assign Section fields. That is done at master.

	Vi illegal option?

D.	Are we really so paranoid as to demand pgp in dchanges?

Also, --.changes is left in the directory when the smoke clears.

Parity on Dudes,


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