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Re: perl wants csh

> I think somebody (preferredly either the
> maintainer of bash or pdksh) should package a minimal version of their
> shell (without readline, builtins, etc.) to provide a /bin/sh which
> might be used for scripts.

ASH, at 60k, would be good for this. The only incompatibility I've seen
so far is that it doesn't handle the "#", "##", "%", and "##" pattern
matching. Perhaps it should have that added.

However, you are overlooking the fact that the pages of executables are
shared. If you have one user running "bash", all other copies share the
same pages, and only create their own copies of data that they alter.

I am curious about why tcsh is 3X the size of csh. Is it not linking with
the shared readline? I suspect this is a library problem.


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