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sysvinit: addition to /etc/init.d/boot for multiple devices init

Could you apply the following patch or something like it to
/etc/init.d/boot, for the mdutils package, please ?

The multiple devices need to be initialised before swap is enabled or
filesystems checked, as the swap or filesystems may be on md devices.


--- boot.old	Thu Dec 28 00:08:42 1995
+++ boot.new	Fri Mar 29 02:49:45 1996
@@ -20,6 +20,14 @@
 # performed (the following is a good example of such activity :).
+# Enable multiple devices.  We do this here because we may be
+# swapping to them, or something.  If /etc/mdtab doesn't exist
+# or is empty we don't bother; likewise if mdadd isn't installed.
+if [ -s /etc/mdtab -a -f /sbin/mdadd ]
+  mdadd -ar
 # Check the integrity of all file systems (if not a fastboot).
 if [ ! -f /fastboot ]

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