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Re: Bug#2574: ping - strange behavior?

Guy Maor wrote:
> > Is this the right behavior, or should ping report an error, as fping do
> > # fping 134.106.121.
> > 134.106.121. error while sending ping: Permission denied
> This is odd.  Perhaps fping is rolling its own inet_aton(), which is
> somehow printing this error.
> Try 'fping'.  If that works, the fault is with fping's
> address interpretation.  If it gives the same error, fping is unable to
> ping the network.  In that case, also try 'fping'.  If
> that also doesn't work, it's a shortcoming in fping.
> In any case, ping's behaviour is correct, while fping's is not.

fping is NOT a full ping replacement and it doesn't support ping
broadcasts (it don't need it). Please look at the fping man page for
further information.


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