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Re: dpkg 1.1.1elf: many changes, more to come

Bruce Perens writes:
> Pretty funny. Looks as if it was run through "tr 'aoyx' 'cu}W'" .

I *hate* gpm...

# uudecode.pl:  This should behave like your standard unix uudecode.
# usage uudecode < file or uudecode file.
# This code written by Carl Streeter, 1996.  This is in the public domain:
# if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.
$infile = shift @ARGV;

if ($infile) {
	open (INFILE, "<$infile") || die "open in $infile: $!\n"; 
} else {
	open (INFILE, "<&STDIN") || die "dup stdin: $!\n";

while (($_ = <INFILE>) !~ /begin/) {}
$_ =~ /begin\s+\d+\s+(\S+)/;
$filename = $1;

open (OUTFILE, ">$filename") || die "open out $filename: $!\n";

while (($_ = <INFILE>) !~ /end/) {
	@tmp = unpack ("u",$_);
	foreach $i (@tmp) {print OUTFILE "$i";}

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