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In message <m0tyi3Z-000BmvC@elo.ods.com>, David Engel writes:
>> > Date: 17 Mar 96 15:12 UT
>> > Source: libtermcap
>> > Binary: libtermcap
>> > Version: 2.0.5-2
>> > Description: libtermcap: Termcap Library
>When was termcap 2.0.5 packaged?  We should be discouraging it's use
>as much as possible.

Do we need to create a "compat" directory for stuff (like ELF-termcap)
that people might need in order to run the occasional non-Debian
package, but that they shouldn't be able to link against unless they
know exactly what they're doing?

I ask this in perfect ignorance of the actual contents of the package
in question.

"Don't let me make you unhappy by failing to be contrary enough...."

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