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Re: not for 1.1

bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens)  wrote on 15.03.96 in <m0txdbx-00063cC@mongo.pixar.com>:

> It adds about 100k to each executable. It's not worth considering. Instead,
> use a rescue floppy. My latest Debian installation floppies make pretty
> good rescue floppies if fsck.ext2 is added to them. I'll try to squeeze that
> in the next time I generate them. I think the only reason it isn't on that
> floppy now is that I did not have a shared-library version of fsck.ext2 .

That would probably have helped me last month. Installing 0.93 for a  
friend, some weird error (I suspect hardware, but do not really know)  
killed his root partition - the kernel thought it was msdos! Without a  
fsck on the floppy set, there was nothing I could do except start over ...

MfG Kai

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