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1.1 Alpha 0 boot floppy images uploaded

The 1.1 Alpha 0 boot floppy images are currently being uploaded to
ftp://ftp.pixar.com/pub/bruce/Debian . Master.debian.org is changing sites
tonight and is not available due to an apparent DNS hiccup.

Please try these floppies out if you can - you'll need a test system or
a scratch disk. 



Date: 14 Mar 96 04:39 UT
Format: 1.3
Source: boot-floppies
Binary: boot-floppies 
Architecture:  i386
Distribution: unstable
Version: 1.1.0-5
Maintainer: Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com>
 boot-floppies: Scripts to create the Debian installation floppy set.
Priority: Low
Changes: First alpha release of floppy disk images.
# Fields switched for Carl's use - this is not the final dchanges format.
0c7ada7d3d6c8ee9bffeb59a677f80b4 boot-floppies-1.1.0-5.tar.gz source 4441648
d96ac5a03695f62098e6c87fff4cd3c7 boot-floppies-1.1.0-5.deb misc 4490496
855e945c1b3bad6c6ceadc697f8697a0  1200_base_floppy-1  disks
cddcb7203031548032085818ed1a653e  1200_base_floppy-2 disks
08ca56e7ca77d9d00846aadec2c89022  1200_base_floppy-3 disks
7cf2674531f0ad206cf707c028d221bc  1200_base_floppy-4 disks
d489d24de976554ca87245f033cf60aa  1200_boot.gz disks
86ef221abb2b27525705007bef155448  1440_base_floppy-1 disks
0a2ef87fc6a1b7b5c695d0ff185fed1d  1440_base_floppy-2 disks
909c4b3faa024f4a9087b035e3df4591  1440_base_floppy-3 disks
60b1b45e133fc26ed7e2e0f9b14af752  1440_boot.gz disks
313248b84e5dd6da823a30584eaa7374  1440_root.gz disks
86f7cc94935c20f61875532b26a69cb9  base.tar.gz cdrom

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