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Re: ls question

Dirk Eddelbuettel writes ("Re: ls question"):
>   Michael Meskes writes:
>   Michael>  Is there a reason why we don't use the colorized ls command? I
>   Michael> like to see the filetype by just looking at the colors.
> Do you read debian-users? There is a thread going with a couple of post.
> Someone wants to pack it, and we have to sort out whether is going to be a
> patched fileutils (I would like that) or an add-on color-ls package (yasp == 
> yet another small package).
> Before people jump at my throat: the patched ls is fine, I've been using it
> for I don't know how long (18 months maybe). If you don't give it a
> command-line option, it is as monochrome as it's unpatched collegue.

The colour ls may work more or less OK for you, but the design and
implementation is terrible !

Fancy requiring the user to source funny (shell-specific!) things in
their .profile, or reading literal escape sequences from a file in
/etc !


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