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Re: Uploads to chiark

You (Dale Scheetz) wrote:
> Just to get my $.02 in. As the new maintainer for octave, I have yet to 
> make the conversion from termcap to ncurses (currently have a slew of 
> unsatisfied external references). I may be forced to return termcap to 
> the system just to get it to build. Although I don't want to return to 
> termcap, I would feel more comfortable if it were still there, at least 
> for a while.

But, most stuff will build if you use the termcap.h file from ncurses
(which is in /usr/include/termcap.h in Debian) and link with -lncurses
instead of -ltermcap. Ncurses includes termcap emulation, you don't need
to convert anything. Minicom is also compiled this way, even though it
uses termcap internally it's linked to libncurses.

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