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Bug#2551: xypic has off-by-one dependencies

> Raul Miller writes ("Bug#2551: xypic has off-by-one dependencies"):
> > Package: xypic
> > Version: 3.2-3
> >
> > Depends: texbin (>=3.1415-5), mfbin (>=2.71-4), mflib (>=1.0-6)
> >
> > Examination of the unstable tree indicates that texbin is at 3.1415-4,
> > mfbin at 2.71-3 and mflib at 1.0-5.
> It *may* also be a bad idea to use the new >= syntax rather than the
> old >.  Look out for people being confused by this, and if they are
> you should change back.
I understand why people are confused (at least I think). The required
packages aren't there, I made some improvements in xypic depending on
the newest release of the depending packages after private mailing with
nils rennebarth (maintainer of the packages) and I assumed that he would
be releasing those versions soon. Because of whatever he didn't, probably
has a real job of something like that. I think I'll change it back to

texbin (>=3.1415-4) etc.

I don't see a reason to use the confusing > meaning >=.
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Department of General Surgery (Intensive Care) University Hospital Rotterdam NL

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