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Re: sudo-1.4.1-1 uploaded to chiark

David Engel writes:
> > Anyway, the package includes two versions of sudo, one compiled for the
> > standard passwd file and one with compiled in shadow support,
> > update-alternatives will install the correct one (I hope) as /usr/bin/sudo.
> Why does this need update-alternatives?  My understanding is that
> update-alternatives is for choosing among binaries from different
> packages.  Since both versions of sudo are in the same package, why
> can't the postinst script just install the appropriate version and
> remove the unecessary one?

You're probably right. I just didn't think that far. But then a simple link
/usr/bin/sudo -> /usr/bin/sudo.normal isn't a better solution, is it? And I
think installing both binaries is important. It maks it much easier to
create a shadow package. The postinst just has to change the links then.
The same hodls for the postrm script.

> > I had some problems finishing it, since my libc-5.3.6, gcc-2.7.2.l.3
> > compiled file wasn't running on machines with libc < 5.3.0. So I compiled an
> > a different machine. Now it seems to work fine.
> I don't know if this is spelled out in the packaging guidelines or
> not, but shouldn't we restrict ourselves to only using publicly
> released compilers and libraries for regular packages.

I don't know either and I don't like that idea at all. When you say you have
to check if it runs on a standard system you're probably right, but
forbidding to compile it on a development system seems to be a bit too
strict IMO.  How shall I compile my packages if I cannot use my machine? And
I won't stop beta-testing the latest C library and gcc compiler. BTW
gcc-2.7.2.l.0+ have much less bugs than gcc-2.7.2. In particular the
strength reduce bug has been fixed.

If you ask all maintainers to use publicly released compilers and libraries
you have to ask the same about kernels. There were some far more serious
problems with the different network interface.


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