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Re: getting dpkg to restore configuration files

Raul Miller writes ("getting dpkg to restore configuration files"):
> As of version 1.1.0, dpkg no longer gives you the option of grabbing
> the packaged configuration file.  This is good most of the time, but
> sometimes it's important to recover the original.
> Yet, for some reason, dpkg erases the original configuration file
> during configuration.  Is this the right thing to do?
> At the moment, the best mechanism I can see, to work around this, is
> dpkg --unpack _____*.deb, mv the .dpkg-new file into place, then
> dpkg --configure _____

I think you must be mistaken; I don't think the behaviour of dpkg has
changed here.

Can you describe exdsactly what the situation is, and what you're
expecting dpkg to do, and what you're seeing it do ?  (NB that it's
also necessary to consider the version of the config file that came
with the previously-installed version of the package.)


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