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dpkg --root=/mnt -i image-1.3.64-0.deb

Hi All,

I had to reinstall the original image package becuase my kernel paniced
and the Old option (previous kernel) paniced too. 

First I discovered that I didn't had any boot/root (stupid me of course) 
but copied some slack boot/root from someone else. Then went on,
mount my original root under /mnt and tried to dpkg --root=/mnt -i

This went pretty well untill the postinst script had to be done. It didn't
work at all. It is full of absolute references to "/" instead of or more
relative reference to "/mnt" in my case. Is the --root option directory
passed to the postinst scripts? If so what is it 's name? If so I can
file an enourmous amount of bugreports because nearly all post pre inst rm
scripts have to rewriteen.???????????!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps we shouldn't do this before the release but it needs attention.


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