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Re: Debian only packages.

Dale Scheetz writes:
> I am back working on releasing Seesat5 and have a few questions.
> If I make this a debian only package, then there is no upstream source. 
> In this case what is the diff file for? 


> Do I need to make a virtual 
> upstream package (without the debian control files) in order to produce 
> this diff? That seems useless as there is no upstream source anywhere but 
> on my machine.


> I guess I could put the non-debian source somewhere like sunsite (I've 
> never done this, so I could use some process pointers) but that seems 
> somewhat pointless.

If you do release the source to the world, if the "upstream" source
has the debian.* files in it, you don't need a diff, but if not, you do.

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