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dpkg 1.1.1elf: many changes, more to come

There are many changes here, but not yet the level of Pre-Depends
support required for a clean ELF upgrade using dselect (dpkg is fine -
you just have to feed it the files in the right order, which dselect
should do for you).  I thought it best to release my current version
ASAP to try to get it tested by people, and there turned out to be a
lot of general housekeeping to do.

Amongst many bugfixes and cosmetic changes, important things to note

 * ELF release by me.

 * ELF testing scripts in /usr/lib/dpkg for use by base packages (will
   be available in the a.out version too, when I build it).  Essential
   packages which won't work without ELF support should use
   Pre-Depends if appropriate, and also run from the preinst
   /usr/lib/i386-elf-executables-ok.  Ones which need a kernel which
   boots with ELF support should use /usr/lib/i386-elf-in-kernel
   instead.  These scripts will print helpful messages to stderr if
   they fail.

 * Better cross-architecture support in various ways, including a way
   to get a value to put in an Architecture field and checking of the
   value by dpkg at install time.  This will become mandatory at some
   point - you might as well start adding it.  The value `all' is for
   architecture-neutral packages; other values are `i386', `sparc',
   `m68k' and `alpha', so far.

 * Fix (at last) for the K/S duplicate links made by update-rc.d.
   Can we have that hack in /etc/init.d/rc fixed ?

This release is probably very buggy - there have been many new
features added, and they've only been lightly tested.  Be prepared to
back off.

Now I think I'll go and get some sleep; I'm afraid all the email I
have to answer will have to wait ...

I haven't provided a dchanges file because it didn't seem to provide a
way to override the following error message:
-chiark:debian> dchanges dpkg-1.1.1elf.deb dpkg-1.1.1.tar.gz                   
ERROR: version mismatch -- dpkg-1.1.1.tar.gz != dpkg-1.1.1elf.deb-dpkg-1.1.1elf.deb

Instead, you can have my announcement format --- which is better
anyway so ner :-) ...

dpkg (1.1.1elf); priority=LOW

  * Added /usr/lib/dpkg/elf-executables-ok and elf-in-kernel.
  * Replaces field now allows automatic removal of conflicting packages.
  * Replaces field now required to overwrite other packages' files.
  * Architecture field, and dpkg --print-architecture, supported.
  * build new format archives by default when compiled with ELF compiler.

  * symlinks are now installed atomically (good for shared libraries).
  * create /var/lib/dpkg/diversions in postinst if necessary (Bug#2465.)
  * Pre-Depends now correctly fails if package never configured.
  * dselect disk methods mount with -o nosuid,nodev.
  * update-rc.d defaults doesn't add both K and S in any one runlevel;
    dpkg postinst fixes up this situation if it sees it.

  * Assorted fixups to the Guidelines, which are now in one piece.
  * dpkg --list prints version string in one piece.
  * dpkg-scanpackages doesn't produce notice on output with list of
    packages with Section and/or Priority control file fields.

  * control file and debian.rules work both for ELF and non-ELF compiles.
  * most files compiled with -O2 (-O3 only for some critical files) -
    this fixes ELF build.

 -- Ian Jackson <iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk>  Mon, 11 Mar 1996 04:25:28 +0000

2d68997dcfd98b9a937a335fe8056a38  dpkg-1.1.1elf.deb
85510dd66323080cf5550283e4b67f04  dpkg-1.1.1.tar.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 root     ian        184474 Mar 11 04:38 dpkg-1.1.1elf.deb
-rw-rw-r--   1 ian      ian        495313 Mar 11 04:25 dpkg-1.1.1.tar.gz

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