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Re: More cern-httpd and apache

Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> > Now, the two httpd's aren't that difficult - just rename them
> > to their package name. The others don't conflict right now,
> > but I'm concerned about future additions.
> But they do - I would like to install both apache as web server and
> cern as proxy, and that is impossible at the moment. I'm now forced
> to recompile cern and place it under /usr/local.

Right, the *packages* conflict, precisely because they use some of the
same file names. The apcahe maintainer and I are in the process of
modifying the packages so that they can be installed at the same time.

What I was referring to in the above message was that the only
filename that conflicted in /usr/sbin was httpd. The other *filenames*
don't conflict.

Steve Greenland

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