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Re: Install question (Adaptec 2940)

You (Michael Meskes) wrote:
> How do I install Debian on a new machine with Adaptec 2940 controller?
> Using the bootfloppy boot-1.3.43-0-1440 I get a message 'found spurious
> interrupts' and the machine hangs. What can I do? 
> Please tell me (before our sysop asks for Slackware again :-). 

I had the same problem yesterday. What I did was:

- unpacked kernel source 1.2.13 on my own machine
- patched in the latest 2940 drivers
- patched in a 3c590 driver (isn't in 1.2.13, but needed it)
- built this kernel
- mounted the debian boot floppy on /mnt
- copied zImage /floppy/linux and System.map to /floppy/system.map
- rdev -r /floppy/linux 1440
- rdev /floppy/linux /dev/fd0

et voila.. 1.2.13 bootfloppy with 2940 and 3c590 support.

The 2940 driver gives one or two rejects when patching in the config.in
files because of the debian changes,but you can easily add them by hand.

2940 driver:

This patch file is a port by Dan Eischen of the linux-1.3.68 AIC7xxx kernel
changes to linux-1.2.13.

The file linux-1.2.13-AIC7xxx.patch.gz is a patch to the standard linux-1.2.13
kernel for linux-1.2 AIC7xxx kernel support. This is a direct port of the
latest linux-1.3.68 AIC7xxx changes back to the linux-1.2 kernel chain.

Dean W. Gehnert (deang@ims.com)                           February 26, 1996

3c509 driver:
<title>Linux and 3Com 3c59* Vortex Ethercards</title>
        <base href="http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/drivers/vortex.html";>
        <link href="http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/linux.html";>

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