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Re: /bin/perl

'Ian Jackson wrote:'
>Chris Fearnley writes ("Re: /bin/perl"):
>> I disagree.  I mean some like awk, others python.  So where would the
>> bloat in /bin end if everyone got to have their favorite tools in
>> /bin?  I think FSSTND says only /required/ tools belong in /bin.
>> Moreover, we already have a general purpose scripting tool available,
>> /bin/bash.
>I think that Perl is a special case because we have made it required
>for Debian.
>run-parts, which is in /bin, is a Perl script.  Either that has to be
>changed, or Perl needs to be in /bin too.

run-parts is called (in /etc/init.d/boot) /after/ all filesystems are
mounted.  So I don't see the need for it to be in /bin.  It's not
required in single-user mode, is it?  Many other /required/ packages
live in /usr/bin.

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