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Re: Bug#2453: rc.local script is never executed

>>>>> "D" == David Engel <david@elo.ods.com> writes:

D> Virtually all files not under /usr/local and /home (or similar)
D> should belong to some package.  Does anyone know of an easy way to
D> list all files that don't belong to any package?

There's dbackup (in one of the /debian/project subdirs I think) that's
designed to give you a lising of all the non-debian files that need to
be backed up.  I don't think it's quite finished yet though.

I've tried to keep all the non-debianized stuff in /home, /usr/src or
/usr/local, but some things don't make that too easy.  Right now I'm
fighting with Perl/Tk.  It insists on setting up makefiles to install
to /usr/bin because perl is there.  The PREFIX argument to MakeMaker's
supposed to override that, but it only works on the Makefile in
Perl/Tk's top level.   Oh well, I guess I could make a package of
it, then the destination would be fine :>


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