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Re: emacs-19.30 and termcap problem


I had this same problem with emacs-19.29-11 (see Bug#2417). I don't have much
more to add except that I still see the same behavior with emacs-19.30-1.

Hmm, I don't see an entry for `emacs' in /usr/lib/terminfo...

And speaking of terminfo files, ncurses-term-1.9.8a-4.deb conflicts with
ncurses-runtime (provided by ncurses-base) so it is impossible to install. Not
that there's an entry for `emacs' in it anyway...

I'm still at a loss on this one. I'm certainly not enough of a
terminfo/termcap/ncurses guru to know what's going on or what's wrong, but I
hope we can find a solution soon.

Robert Leslie

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