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Bug#2436: bash with shared readline library breaks ncurses3.0 postinst script

> Package: ncurses3.0
> A new version of Bash that uses the shared readline library was recently
> uploaded. Readline uses the shared ncurses library. The ncurses postinst
> won't run under this version of Bash, because Bash won't run if
> /lib/libncurses.so.3.0 is not in place.

There two things at play here.  First, the dependencies in the bash
control file should possibly be a pre-depends types.  I didn't add
these yet since I didn't think we were ready to start using that
feature of dpkg yet.  Second, the install/remove scripts for
ncurses3.0 are screwed up in that they do not leave a version in place
during upgrades.  We won't have to keep doing this kludgyness of
moving things around during installs when Ian Jackson changes the
symlink handling in dpkg.  In the meantime, everyone with ncurses3.0
installed should remove the support scripts for it by executing 'rm

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