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Re: Bug#2382: would like `view' link for nvi

Ian J writes:
> Rob Leslie writes ("Bug#2382: would like `view' link for nvi"):
> > Package: nvi
> > Version: 1.34-11
> >
> > Traditionally, `view' is linked to vi to provide a read-only file viewing
> > mechanism. Since nvi supports this, could a `view' link be added to the
> > package?
> Before the nvi maintainer jumps and implements this:
> Are there any other `vi' clones with similar features ?  If so (or if
> it's likely that there will be) it would be good to use
> update-alternatives in some appropriate way ...

Yeah, when I saw this I thought "gotta use update-alternatives" :-)

Is there any reason I shouldn't go ahead and do this for nvi? Presumably
at the same priority (or whatever the term is) as the vi link, right?

(No sooner than this weekend, BTW, so there's plenty of time to
stop me.)

Steve "the nvi maintainer" Greenland

The Mole - I think, therefore I scream 

			"If only God would give me a clear sign!  Like
			 making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss bank."
[Woody Allen]

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