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Bug#2385: bsdutils (priority=required) depends on libdb1 (priority=standard)

Package: bsdutils
Version: 2.0-1

>From the Packages file:

 Package: bsdutils
 priority: required
 section: base
          ^^^^ (OK for a required package)
 maintainer: Austin Donnelly <and1000@cam.ac.uk>
 version: 2.0-1
 depends: libc5, libdb1, ncurses3.0
                 ^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^ but these aren't `required'
 filename: development/binary-i386/base/bsdutils-2.0-1.deb
 size: 114121
 md5sum: cd99dfc5649a4dfc0e9b94e632c5e325
 description: Utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite.

 Package: libdb1
 priority: standard
 section: devel
          ^^^^^ This is a shared library; it doesn't belong in devel
 maintainer: Ray Dassen <jdassen@wi.LeidenUniv.nl>
 version: 1.85.2-5
 depends: libc5 (>5.2.16-1)
 conflicts: libdb
 provides: libdb
 filename: development/binary-i386/devel/libdb1-1.85.2-5.deb
 size: 33640
 md5sum: 0892f8f663329cf505cfb0439dff0277
 description: the Berkeley database routines (runtime version).
 source: libdb

Furthermore, bsdutils should say
  Essential: yes

 1. At least some essential bits of bsdutils (ie, the bits that people
    rely on in preinst scripts, &c) need libdb and ncurses, in which
    case libdb1 and ncurses3.0 should be in base.
 2. The bits of bsdutils that require these libraries should be split
    into a separate package.  If this is required I'd suggest posting
    a list of which utilities you propose to move out of the base.


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