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Bug#2362: bash (readline) dumps core on completion

Package: bash
Version: 1.14.6-1

ii  bash            1.14.6 1
ri  ncurses3.0      1.9.8a 4
ri  libreadline2       2.0 12
ri  libc5           5.2.18 1

roro@ernie:tty2:~$ bash
roro@ernie:tty2:~$ mkdir blurb
roro@ernie:tty2:~$ cd blurb
roro@ernie:tty2:~/blurb$ touch 0815
roro@ernie:tty2:~/blurb$ 0Segmentation fault (core dumped)
                          ^ hit <tab> after the 0, assuming no 0* in
                            directories along $PATH

Bash has its own modified (improved?) version of libreadline, which is not
used in 1.14.6-1.  Instead the standalone libreadline 2.0-12 is used.
Personally I don't mind a minor inconsistence in the feel,  but this
segfault here is too annoying to let is pass.

A quick check by adding the modifications made in readline of bash also to
the standalone version yields an improvement in this situation.

The problem however is fundamental, as I outlined in the thread "bash on
debian" on debian-devel.  Please don't underestimate it.  I would like to
have a broader discussion, because the design of the whole system as well
as the longterm maintenance are to consider.

Two possible solutions:
1) Link the own readline of bash into bash (as before)
2) Modify the systems readline after the picture of bash's

Number 2) would be preferred, but requires a closer examination by many
parties, namely the maintainer of (listed in decreasing involvement,
  - libreadline
  - bash
  - gdb
  - libncurses
  - git
  - ncftp
  - ftp (netstd)
  - ?

Rolf Rossius

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