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Bug#933: Pine wants to post my email reply, and other problems

'Dale Scheetz wrote:'
>> As to the NNTP problems: AFAICT the inewsinn package's postinst places
>> the name of the news server in /etc/news/server.  Pine's postinst
>> should either look there or, should there be no such file, it should
>> ask for a value to put there.  Having established a sensible value it
>> should insert it into the global Pine configuration file in the right
>> place.
>This all sounds to me like a job for the sysadmin type, not the package
>maintainer. These are all, variable and complex interaction issues that
>should not be dictated by the package maintainer!
>> This much is certainly nothing whatsoever to do with INN; rather, it
>> is a serious functional bug in the Debian Pine package.  Looking at
>> the postinst for 3.91-3 (which may be out of date) I can find no
>> attemt to determine a sane value for the NNTP server.
>The package maintainer takes the position that this is not his job. In
>fact, I'm not even sure this is the job of the sysadmin. Choice of an
>NNTP server is intended to be left up to the end user! That's why it's on
>the config menu.

I think it /is/ the job of the package maintainer to provide reasonable
/default/ behavior.  I'm not at a Debian system now to check if
/etc/news/server is a part of Debian.  But if it were, I'd consider it
reasonable for the package maintainer to use it in configuring a
/default/ behavior for the package.

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