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Bug#933: Pine wants to post my email reply, and other problems

On Mon, 19 Feb 1996, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Dale Scheetz writes ("Bug#933: Pine wants to post my email reply, and other problems"):
> ...
> > No! It spoke to the cut off portion of my reply about keeping bug reports
> > to one issue. From the rest of this post I can only assume that you are
> > >from  the same school, but I will try to speak to each of your varried
> > points, if I can...
> Well, we have a choice here.  We can either have n zillion threads,
> one about each separate issue, flooding the mailing list, or we can
> have one thread of messages, and use our brians to distinguish what
> we're talking about.
<Lots of different topic discussions deleted>

> I'd like you to reconsider this.  Furthermore, I'm not clear on which
> issues you think are not bugs ?

My point exactly.

 Should I go back to my original
> report and resend each issue as a separate report ?
As soon as I have time, I will close this bug report. You should feel
free to make whatever bug reports you feel are necessary. Please make
them single issue, concise and clear, with enought tracking information
to make understanding the bug possible.

I am not up for conceptual design review being done as bug reports. Both
the 'overencoding attachment', and the 'Pine wants to post' bugs are of
this type. The INN configuration compatibility problems should certainly
be addressed.(I'm still a little confused about why this is a bug, since
you tell me that pine has no business posting to news groups) The error
message flash problem is definately a nasty.



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