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Bug#2351: Re: xdm doesn't detect gpm mouse lock

On Sun, 18 Feb 1996, Stephen Early wrote:

> On Sun, 18 Feb 1996, Kevin M Bealer wrote:
> > When I run gpm (from init.d in my case) then run xdm, xdm either:
> > 	a) general protection faults listed as 0000
> This is a kernel bug.
> > 	b) repeatedly runs and lets die the X server (at least it looks like
> > 		this is what is happening.  I needed to reboot to stop it,
> > 		then it gives a gp fault.
> This is a bit of bad design in xdm. I don't know how easy it would be to
> fix it; I'll have a look at the source when I have some time.
> > I recommend that xdm detect fatal conditions such as unavailable resources,
> > or that the X servers be given a way to communicate to xdm that they will
> > not recover from whatever error by reloading.  Perhaps there are some
> > considerations of a user creating such a condition in order to terminate xdm
> > and thus breach security, esp. if xdm is started manually by the root user.
> I think the ideal situation would be that an X server that couldn't start
> properly would exit with a particular exit code, which xdm would notice
> and wouldn't attempt to start the server again, possibly putting a message
> in the syslog or its own log file.
> I'm sure that xdm does this already in some cases, but I haven't had time
> to look at the source so I'll shut up for now and post more when I know
> what I'm talking about.
> > When xdm is cycling X, hitting the cntrl-alt-del allows me to view a general
> > protection fault before reboot:
> >
> > general protection: 0000
> > EIP: 0010:0014a115
> > EFLAGS: 00010206
> > eax: 6e6f632d ebx: 00215910 ecx: 007c1dd0 edx: 002c5000
> > esi: 00330f54 edi: 00330f54 ebp: 007c1e8c esp: 007c1e00
> > ds: 0018 es: 0018 fs: 002b gs: 002b ss: 0018
> >
> > Process xdm (pid: 621, process nr 6, stackpage=007c10000
> >                                       or is it 007c|0000?
> Definitely a kernel problem of some sort.
> > I hit scroll-lock during reboot and the system just sat there until I was
> > done... should it listen for scroll lock while it's rebooting?
> This is a question for somebody else. If you're worried about it, I
> suggest you post a separate message. Presumably the shutdown script is
> blocking on output to the console.
> Steve Early
> sde1000@cam.ac.uk

As far as kernel bugs go, let me add then that this happened with 1.2.13-7
after I added a whole mess of stuff from the develoment tree.  I'm not
concerned about the scroll lock, just curious.


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