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Re: Another update on the undocument stuff

Erick Branderhorst writes ("Another update on the undocument stuff"):
> I would like to suggest another change as well. In the mini-Howto I
> found out about the source mechanism:
>   3) symbolic links pointing to the actual man page.
>   4) use groff's `source' mechanism provided by the `.so' macro.
> [snap]
>   all man pages so that they can be displayed more quickly.) The third
>   alternative has a slight drawback: if flexibility is a concern, you
>   have to be aware that there are file systems that do not support
>   symbolic links. The upshot of this is that the Best Thing (TM) is
>   using groff's source mechanism.

This may be true for some systems.  However, Debian will probably not
work at all on systems with no symlinks.  A symlink is faster to
access, means that you don't have to invoke roff from a special
directory (man does this for you, usually), and is easier to maintain.
It's also likely to use less disk space.


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