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Re: ELF Versions?

> > Could the maintainers please indicate when they think they will have
> > them converted.
> diald was converted to ELF (thanks to Dale Scheetz) and should be in
> Incoming. 0.11-2 is the latest ELF (0.11-3 is a.out; the two are

I realized that later.  Sorry.

> equivalent). I could reload it with a better name if necessary.

That would be nice.  

If you don't mind me asking though, why are you even bothering with
updating the a.out version anymore?  I've said this before, but it
bears (bares?) repeating.  IMO, unless there are serious problems that
must be fixed immediately (eg. security concerns with the network
packages) or significant functionality that must be added (eg. dpkg),
all new uploads should be ELF.

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